Sash Windows– uPVC Vs Wood

When the Victorians constructed your homes we understand and like today, they didn’t expect the sash windows to last as long as they have actually done– so they often used soft wood. The fact that the soft wood sash windows have actually lasted so well, is a testimony to the build quality and upkeep of the frames as needed by using a natural product. However, many sash windows have suffered overlook and as we move into these old houses and experience the wood rot and bad insulation supplied by single glazed sash windows, the concern is raised– ought to we replace with double glazed wood sash windows, or uPVC sash windows.

There are pro’s and cons for both, so please do keep reading and ideally this will help you to decide which is the best replacement for the sash windows in your home.

Expense is a big factor in changing windows, and uPVC are cheaper than the wood option. Almost half the cost of wood in fact. When you have a home with a large number of windows this might well be the deciding factor in which material you go with. However please keep in mind, you do not need to change all of your windows in one fell swoop– they can be changed in batches, or perhaps individually if you can not bring yourself to jeopardise on what you have your heart set on, however do not have the offered funds all in one go.

Due to contemporary, accuracy engineering, uPVC sash windows can be installed much quicker into a home than in years gone by. Reducing the disruption to your household and enabling you to enjoy your new sash windows as soon as possible.

The reality that timber windows are still perfectly practical in numerous homes because being built in the Victorian era, is testament to the reality that wood can last 100 years plus. In order to do so, they will require routine upkeep. Without the defence of paint or varnish, the wood will rapidly begin to rot. It is recommended that wood frames are re-painted every 5-10 years depending on the local conditions so would require checking out yearly to recognise any wear.

uPVC sash windows will not last as long. An average life expectancy is around 20-30 years. Within that time they will need really little upkeep– just a clean down with a fabric every now and then. The decision here is pay more in advance for durability and some upkeep, or go for the more affordable, lower maintenance choice that will need replacing a minimum of as soon as in your lifetime.

It is simply individual viewpoint with regards to which look better. And naturally badly kept wood sash windows will not look as good as uPVC. Especially with period houses, estate agents will advise that lumber frame windows are the better option– similar to all original functions. However, it is possible to buy very well developed and aesthetically pleasing uPVC windows that are difficult to differentiate from the well maintained wood versions.

The included benefit with wooden sash windows is that you can paint them any colour you wish. Enabling you to stay up to date with design trends or alter the look of your home significantly, with extremely little cost.

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