Questions Answered– Broken Window Handles/Locks

UPVC Window Handle
Hi there. The summer (yes, in spite of the unusual changes in weather– it is tipping down as I write this– it is really summer) is rapidly rolling towards Autumn and the weeks are turning into months quicker than we can say drafty windows!

What with all the opening and closing of our windows in partnership with the indecisive weather, we are frequently approached by customers who have actually been confronted with issues around their UPVC window handles and the locking mechanisms within them.

The majority of typically, one of these two concerns …

Lost Keys
Possibly they’ve been left in the lock and have fallen out of the open window, a small individual has got hold of it and buried it somewhere in the garden, or the poltergeists have been at work once again! These tiny little keys are so quickly misplaced that a question we are typically asked is:

Can I get a replacement key or lock for my window?

The answer is yes. Mindful of the variety of locks and involved makers combined in some cases with age of the host windows, this can prove rather a job.

In the main, 95% of the windows that have actually been produced for the property market as UPVC fabrication, tend to use a standardised jig/handle preparation and hence you may not get a specific like for like style of deal with. The sourcing of a compatible and more significantly, practical product, is freely readily available without countless hours of trawling the web for a product that is most likely to have actually been long considering that outdated.

The typical kind of locking mechanism we normally come across within UPVC window fabrication tends to be either espagnolette, shoot-bolt or the latest bi-directional multipoint tailoring, which provide boosted security due to multipoint locking pins in addition to supplying a secondary holding position that supplies extra ‘night ventilation centre’.

The window sash depends on the integrity of the deal with casing and the fixings that secure to the frame. Typically after multiple operation these wear and work themselves loose leading to a ‘careless’ manage using little in the way of security to hold the window closed. These tended to have actually been withdrawn in and around the mid-eighties due to their lack of security and poor quality of manufacture.

The sourcing of failed mechanisms and parts for the multipoint derived gearing is fairly direct and freely available if you know where to look! Ordinarily even with the somewhat outdated espagnolette system we are able to supply if not a like for like, then a repair kit or also suitable product, that might incur an aspect of frame customising to fix.

Broken Handles
Typical failures are simply general wear and tear or arising from an absence of maintenance. When we are favoured as installers with a task, we provide completion user/homeowner with an Operation & Maintenance (O&M) handbook. This outlines advisory maintenance, lubrication, adjustments and tolerances for smooth operation and tell tale signs of possible failures.

On the whole, it is our experience that 90% of failures are preventable if annual maintenance is applied, which will increase the durability particularly on mechanical parts.

Typically, when a window becomes stiff or hard to run, this needs attention as a preventative measure. And if under guarantee, is the obligation of the installer. It is not the obligation of the installer to oil and normally keep the window itself.

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