Moving Home? Why Should You Change the Locks?

Whether its your first home or you have moved home a number of times the mix of enjoyment and stress stays the very same, its because of this that getting the locks altered to secure your brand-new home frequently gets overlooked. However altering your locks need to never be an afterthought, unless you understood the previous renters that occupied the property before you effectively then it is not likely that you know precisely how many copies of the keys were made and who might still have a key to access your new home.

Home Office Statistics

Opportunities of getting burgled within the twelve moths after you have moved house are practically doubled compared to the typical break-in rate. (4.6% compared to 2.5%).
Compared to people that have inhabited their residential or commercial property for ten years or more you are practically 3 times more likely to get burgled. (4.6 compared to 1.6%).
Households with no home security procedures are a disconcerting 10 times more likely to get burgled than those that put basic security measures in place such as updating windows and door locks. (22.5% compared to 2.5%).

Who Else Has A Key?

Each year around 37,500 residential or commercial properties will have brand-new occupants and the majority of property buyers will be absolutely unaware that at lest one set of extra keys to their property will still be in flow. A recent survey carried out by NOP exposed that over 58% of British locals hand out a spare set of secrets to their house.

Another survey performed by Halifax Home Insurance revealed that 12 million grownups have actually lost their keys up to six times within the last 10 years in addition to ID and address details but still never ever got their locks altered!

If you do not alter your locks when moving house, or after losing keys then you can’t make certain that your home is still safe and secure. Another thing to consider is that if you do find yourself as a victim of a break in then you could find yourself in a sticky situation, some insurance providers will not process a claim if you didn’t have the locks altered when you first moved into your residential or commercial property as the way they see it you have not done enough to properly protect your home to prevent a theft.

By just altering your locks and upgrading them to more protected locks you will have piece of mind that you know precisely who has a access to your residential or commercial property and you have actually upgraded your home security measures so you and your family can fell a lot more safe and safe and secure in your brand-new house.

Other Reasons to Change Locks.

  • Can you easily leave the residential or commercial property through doors and windows in the event of an emergency?
  • Dose your property have adequate security?
  • Do you have the secrets to all doors and windows?
  • Broken or harmed Locks.
  • Do your locks meet British Standard BS3621?

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