Your questions addressed– Toughened Glass

This week we’re taking a look at toughened glass and when it is a requirement. Toughened glass (in some cases described as tempered or safety glass) is basically glass that has actually been through a procedure to increase the strength (resistance to impact) and the method it breaks (into small blocks instead of fragments as you would get out of routine plate glass).

In order to abide by present building regulations, you need to make sure that any glazing people are most likely to come into contact with, ought to either be shielded appropriately so as to avoid a sphere of 75mm from coming into contact with the glazing, resist effect without breaking, or break in a manner in which is not likely to cause injury.

These locations are referred to as ‘critical areas’ and consist of any glazed location up to and including 800mm from ground level and any glazed location in a door up to and including 1500mm from ground level.

In a domestic environment, such as our homes, shielding the glass is most likely impractical, so toughened glass would be the perfect service.

There are various classes of toughened glass readily available and the class will require to be suitable for the area you need glazed. You may discover that glass needed for a bigger glazed location will need to comply with various British and European Safety Standards than that needed for a smaller area.

You will naturally also discover toughened glass in shower doors, bath screens, or used as a back splash in bathroom and kitchens, or perhaps in the more ‘Grand Designs’ type homes, maybe even glass staircases!

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